Our focus

Academic Excellence - Career Success - Character
Academic excellence

Academic excellence is a non-negotiable in today’s era. Students need to compete in the very competitive International Arena and a credible high-quality International System is paramount.

Career Success

Students need to be exposed to Career Options and Career Guidance as they need to be in the right head-space to perform best. They need to be well-equipped for the harsh conditions and demands of the workplace.

Character & Values

Age old values are still relevant in a modern world. We treat our students as young adults as they need to understand the responsibility of growing into adulthood.

About US

We are a team of well qualified and highly motivated educators. Name change in process from Heatherhill School to Keurbosch School, exam center number: Heatherhill ZA059
  • Academic excellence
  • Character Development
  • Dedication
  • Skills Development

Our Team

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